We appreciate quality, therefore a return to the tie-making tradition couldn't be possible without a few elements that we consider essential – an exclusive handmade manufactured process, fabrics from family-runned mills with a history of many generations and a modern take on the masculine elegance. Actually, the very values that guide any urban gentleman.

About us


The challenge of a new start is just the first step of any personal journey. We started manufacturing ties five years ago, and one of the most important things that we ve learned since is the fact that any story needs several chapters in order to be listened. Some values that inspired us from the very beginning became a constant trademark of our products – the exceptional quality of the fabrics, the attention to each single detail and the inspiration in design.



The concept of Bespoke was introduced in the XIX-th century England, by the famous tailors of Savile Row. When talking about ties, the term doesn t loose anything from its historical meaning at all, the manufacturing being made bespoken, by the client s demands. The possibilities of customization are many: the construction, lenght and width, the fabrics but also details worthy of a dandy such as the monogram.