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Seven Fold tie in burgundy with a floral design. Handprinted in Macclesfield, handcrafted in Bucharest.

The silk is hand-printed in a small town in England, using a laborious printing process that has been unchanged for decades. No other printing method produces such deep and beautiful colors. Also, printed silk ties are considered more formal than woven silk ties, making them a great choice for dapper combinations.

The Seven Fold tie, a hallmark of luxury and exclusivity, is manufactured from a single piece of silk which is masterfully folded seven times. Dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, this method was first used and made famous by the very skilled Neapolitan tailors. Over the years, this method was lost only to be revived in recent years by a handful of international tie-makers.

Product code B851

Material 100% Macclesfield Silk

Interlining Doppia Gerza Nera Wool 24gr & Cotton Canvas Matched

Framework 7-Fold & Hand-rolled Edges

Length 148

Width 8

BucharestFree - Showroom Pickup

Romania 15 LEI (delivery in 1-2 days)

EU (TNT) 15 EURO (delivery in 2-3 days)

International (TNT) 25 EURO (delivery in 2-5 days)