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Geometric Zibellino Cashmere Scarf



Geometric cashmere scarf in grey. 100% cashmere. Made in Italy for the urban ties.

Cashmere is surely the noblest of all premium wools and over the centuries has always been a precious and sought-after fibre. The Cashmere goat has very long, straight and coarse hair but is characterized by a unique and precious undercoat. This undercoat is  characterized by an extremely soft hair which is developed over the winter months in  order to protect the animal from the cold and hard climate of the Plateaux. Once the undercoat has been worked we get the cashmere we all know. Zibellino quality is obtained thanks to the Guarnissage, an ancient process where the machine brushes are made from dried teasel flowers, making the zibellino scarf the quintessential luxury cashmere scarf with its marble-like wavy finish.

Product code E230

Material Filter Cashmere

Material 100% Cashmere

Length 170

Width 30

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Romania 15 LEI (delivery in 1-2 days)

EU (TNT) 15 EURO (delivery in 2-3 days)

International (TNT) 25 EURO (delivery in 2-5 days)